Interior Detailing Services

List of interior detailing services:

  • Complete Vacuum & Steam

  • Door jamb detail

  • Light carpet shampoo

  • Leather conditioning

  • Steam clean all crevices and dirty areas

  • Premium vinyl protectant and dressing

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Equipment & Products Used:

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How We Take Care of Your Car’s Interior

Our Interior Auto Detailing Service

Keeping your entire interior in excellent condition adds beauty and value to your car. Our system of cleaning and protecting it will achieve this and make driving your car feel like a luxury again. We use great care to ensure that your vehicle’s interior is well protected from the everyday use and abuse it is faced with. When we are finished, what you are left with is a fresh, clean interior that has the coveted new car smell. We do everything we can to make sure your interior retains that beauty and freshness until it is time for your next detailing.

Vacuuming Out Loose Dirt

We start the interior detailing by vacuuming every possible crevice. We make sure to get under the seats, where most people tend to forget to vacuum and lost food and change tend to accumulate. We also make sure to get into the space where the back of the seat and the front of the seat meet. This area is often overlooked because it is not seen. We make sure to get deep into this space to remove dirt, food, and other random things that tend to end up in there. We make sure to vacuum every inch of your carpets, especially around the edges where dirt settles, but is rarely removed. We also make sure to vacuum the center console. This is especially important if you have a stick shift or if your automatic shift is in the center. A buildup of dirt can cause your shifter to stick. Making sure to get the dirt out of this area can help prevent a potentially dangerous situation. Ensuring that we have vacuumed all of the dirt out your car helps prepare it for the next step in getting your interior to immaculate condition.

Shampooing Out Life’s Messes

Once we have removed the loose dirt through vacuuming, we shampoo your carpets to make sure to get the dirt that has been ground in. Due to rain and snow, dirt gets tracked into your car and sinks deep down into the fibers of your carpet. The shampooing process ensures that your carpets are as clean as, or cleaner than, they were the day you bought your vehicle. We take the time to make sure that all of the dirt that has accumulated over time is extracted. That dirt can cause odors that take away from the comfort of your vehicle. Shampooing out the dirt will help to make your car smell fresh and help to give it back that new car smell. We take care to make sure that we dry the carpet thoroughly to keep odors from coming back. This also helps any air freshener you use so that your car actually maintains a great scent. Most importantly, it revitalizes your fabric so that it can withstand future messes.

Stain Removal

After we have finished shampooing your, we move on to removing stains on your carpets and upholstery. Our cars are rarely just a form of transportation. We eat in them, have our morning coffee in them, and apply our makeup in them. Our children drop their crayons, which sometimes melt before we even know that they have fallen, and our dogs have accidents in them. With all of the life we live within our cars, their interiors tends to take a beating. We use Folex Instant Stain Remover to help remove stains from spilled beverages, messy children, and dirty pets. Folex is a unique stain remover in that it can be used on many different types of fabrics and surfaces. It removes many common stains such as grease, coffee, and most oil stains. This makes it the perfect remover to get stains out of all of the soft surfaces within your vehicle. No matter how much dirt you remove from your vehicle’s upholstery or carpets, if they have stains, they will never look as good as they potentially can.

Conditioning Your Leather

If your vehicle has leather seats, you know how they can lose their supple luster over time. The constant movement across them as we get in and out or try to get comfortable during a long commute causes the oils used to condition them to be rubbed off over time. This adds to their wear and makes them look dull. By using Chamberlain’s Leather Milk No.1 we can help bring your leather back to life and keep it looking like new. Because it does not use heavy oils, it is great for refreshing your leather without over loading it. It not only cleans your leather, but conditions it as well, keeping it looking newer, longer. Because it is water based and uses lighter oils it is able to be used often, making it perfect for long term use. Once we have rubbed this milky conditioner into your seats, they will look as good as they did when they were brand new.

Caring for Hard Surfaces

Your leather seats are not the only surface in your vehicle that lose their luster over time. The vinyl, rubber and plastic trim also can become dull and lackluster. Constant touching and UV rays can cause fading, discoloration, and loss of shine. We use Chemical Guys Silk Shine Interior Dressing to restore your dash, door handles, shifter, console, and even your steering wheel to a beautiful, satin finish while also protecting it from future damage. Unlike other products on the market, Chemical Guys’ formula does not leave a greasy or stick residue, making it ideal for all of the vinyl surfaces in your car. It penetrates deep into the vinyl and leather to help protect it for weeks to come. Its weather-tek formula helps to keep UV rays from damaging surfaces, such as your dash, that are normally exposed to direct sunlight. It also gives superior protection against many elements. It protects from heat and humidity that can come from summer weather as well as normal daily use. It is also infused with the classic new car smell, making your car smell like it just came from the dealership.